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This is the final episode of Season Two, listen in to the beginning of this episode for a conclusion to the season before the beginning of the episode, along with a preview of what Season Three might look like!

Corporations hold incredible power in the world of today. With international trade at an all-time high, the power of the internet, and interdependent countries trading trillions of dollars of goods, money talks. One of the strategies that has been in play for recruiting the corporations with control over a vast amount of the world’s resources, is giving emissions a price by creating carbon trading markets. Carbon trading markets seek to price out carbon by limiting total emissions and punishing entities who don’t adhere to that limit. This strategy could be the key to forcing some of the biggest polluters on the planet to start taking action on climate change, but could carbon markets instead provide a loophole for pollution-reliant companies to exploit? Only one way to find out. More resources below.

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Though we are always surrounded by soils and billions of microorganisms, we don’t really pay attention to the micro environment around us. Microbobiometer is changing that. Through their use of soil analytical products, Microbiometer is trying to increase our understanding of soil health, how we can optimize the earth itself to grow better produce and mitigate climate change, and how important the microorganisms found in our soil are. Could soil be the solution to pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere? There’s only one way to find out. More resources below. 

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