Innovating a Bright Future is a podcast all about well… the future. We dive into the importance of climate action by talking with innovators and pioneers in renewable energy and green technology. We keep it interesting on this show, our goal is to get you interested in climate action and want to learn more! By giving you only the most fascinating and fundamental aspects of climate change, we hope to inspire you to learn more, and provide comprehensible insights into what the new age of technology is going to look like. Listen in to learn with me and find out more about how companies and visionaries are revolutionizing energy, industry, transportation, agriculture, and much more. I hope to see you there!

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About Me

Avry Krywolt – Producer

Student, Activist, Educator

Who Am I?

I am a student living in Airdrie, Alberta, I’m an aspiring energy systems engineer and I have a passion for climate technology. Climate change is the defining challenge of our age, but there is still not enough talk about it. What information there is can usually be generalized as pessimistic and defeated, or accusatory and selfish. This just does not serve to bring individuals on board climate action which is why I created this podcast. On Innovating a Bright Future you look forward to learning about climate change, as well as discovering incredible technologies and solutions that are opportunities. I talk with industry experts about technology and the rapid change happening all over the world.

I appreciate feedback of any kind, so please visit the Contact Us page and send me a message.

….I also enjoy sports.

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