Thank you all for such an amazing first season of Innovating A Bright Future!

Sidenote: you can find you audio version of this blog post at or click episodes and it will be the most recent!

This season has been an absolute blast to make, it has been incredibly educational for me, your host, Avry Krywolt, and it was been so inspiring to see your reactions to the show as well. The show will continue to run after a scheduled season break (we will get to that) and that is all because of your continue support, I cannot thank you enough.

First things first, I promised you a giveaway from Tentree earlier in August and you’re going to get it! We are giving away 2 separate giveaway packs, one in September and one in October. If you follow the show anywhere, including social media or our newsletter, you won’t miss the giveaways, we will put them out everywhere we are.

To actually win one of the giveaways, you have to do 2 things,

  1. Subscribe to our email newsletter. You must use the link on our homepage to subscribe to the Innovating A Bright Future email newsletter. During our regular seasons you will receive emails every time a new episode airs, and also any time that we feel we need to share something with you!
  2. Reshare the giveaway post. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but you must reshare the giveaway post via social media and tag us. The post or story has to be up for 24 hours and we highly encourage you to share your thoughts on the products if you win!

The next topic to cover is our upcoming TED Circles! The date is TBD but it will be taking place during the second half of October and we will be meeting virtually to watch a TED talk focused on climate change together, and then discussing the TED talk and other topics related to it. More information will be coming out on social media and through our newsletter when that date is determined, it will be completely free, open to anyone, and easy to sign up, so stay tuned and I’ll see you there!

Now another important topic is Season 2 and the show going forward. Innovating A Bright Future will resume another 15 episode season based on climate technology featuring guest speakers the first week of 2022. Between September 2021 and January 2022, keep your eye on the podcast feed as we will continue to release bonus episodes every once in a while and we will continue to post about it on all of our social media.

I know I know you are looking forward to hearing those success stories we brought up a while ago, and keep following the show, we might be releasing some bonus episodes on those topics between S1 and 2. However we will also be transitioning to focusing completely on these stories by Season 3 which is currently slated for May of 2022.

Some sustainability and climate action victories you may be interested in researching before Season 3 airs include

Green Mountain Power in Vermont


Amsterdam/The Netherlands

We appreciate any and all support of the show and if you would to donate using your hard earned cash, please click here to access our Patreon and donate to the show! The more Patrons the show gets, the more rewards we will be able to give out to our Patrons.

And finally, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and the show with feedback, you can find all of our social media and contact methods at the bottom of our website, our Linktree, and all of our shownotes, it’s not hard to contact us and we want to hear from you! Get a hold of me to tell me what you’ve liked, what you’ve disliked, what you want to see more of, and how you are getting involved.

I promise I will read and get back to you wherever you decide to contact the show.

That’s all I’ve got folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed the season, please continue to follow along, and I can’t wait for Season 2!

Stay Innovative,

Avry Krywolt – Host and Producer

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