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What You GiveWhat You Get
Your Expertise – You bring knowledge of a unique idea, technology, system, or collective and elaborate on it’s fundamental aspects, as well as it’s impacts on our society now, and the future.Publicity – By coming on the show, you spread awareness of your brand, idea, or technology, inform listeners, and gain intrigue. From this publicity, you may gain brand enthusiasts, followers, and even customers.
Your Passion – The idea or technology you are involved in is something you are care about and find meaning in. You have a desire to educate people on your field and want people to know about and care about your brand.Personal Repertoire – In participating in the podcast, you gain experience in speaking about your brand and elevate yourself as an ambassador of your company, idea, or technology. Expand your network through listeners, as well as your fellow guests.
Your Communication – You are able to illustrate your idea or technology in a comprehensible way for all audiences to understand. You are able to participate in an online web interview with a decent microphone or headset.Simplicity – As a guest, very little is required of you to participate. All that is needed is a computer, the internet, and a microphone or headset. If you wish to spread awareness of your episode on your social media, a personalized media kit is provided prior to launch to make it even easier for you.
Your Time – You can schedule a date a time of interview of your choice, with some provisions, and you can commit to a minimum of a 30 minute interview including set up time.Freedom – You have the ability to schedule a time that works for you, with provisions, and you set the limit on how long you wish to be on the interview. (Minimum of 30 minutes total)

Innovating a Bright Future Podcast is all about Making Climate Action Interesting and Engaging

By coming on the show, you are helping to educate more individuals, especially youth on both the importance of innovation and the drive to sustainability, and the opportunities that can be found in climate technology and green energy. The goal is to inspire curiosity and creativity, not to overwhelm listeners with economics and politics, which means that your interview will focus solely on what you find fascinating about your idea or technology. The show is very guest centralized because it is your passion and ingenuity that will capture the attention of new innovators and change makers.

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