The Beginning of Something Big

Image of shoes with text "Start Here"

The Innovating a Bright Future Podcast has officially hit the internet. Not with an episode, but at least we exist as this website you’re reading. This is the very beginning of what I hope to be a long journey of podcasting about the technological revolution that is currently taking over many industries all over the world.


As of writing this, the show cannot be accessed through podcast distributors like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts, but the trailer can be found here, and there will be an update when the show goes live on such platforms.

The Near Future

The Podcast is now in production, we are currently recording interviews, editing episodes and expanding our reach. We have published a trailer for the show on our homepage, and will be publishing to podcast distributors within a month.

You can expect our live launch of scheduled episodes around the end of April or beginning of May, in the meantime, stay tuned for updates on the website!

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